FULL TEXT: Main Features Of New $2 And $5 Notes

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has notified stakeholders of the features of the new $5 and $2 notes. Main features on the green $2 note include balancing rocks on the front, Parliament of Zim building and Eternal flame at the back.

The $5 is purple in colour, also has balancing rocks on the front, 3 giraffes and 3 palm trees at the back.

In short, the new two and five Zimbabwe dollar notes that are set to be introduced into circulation by mid-November will have the same appearance and features as bond notes of the same value that are already in circulation.



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3 comments on “FULL TEXT: Main Features Of New $2 And $5 Notes

  1. What nonsense somebody again is making a huge income on these notes. What is the real cost of printing these notes? Why would we print a 2 dollar note which is equivalent to 10 us cents. You can’t even buy a ice lolly on the street. Surely we are not that stupid. Who is running the ministry of finance and the RBZ? dont they have brains? What a joke.

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