Registra General’s Office Officials Rude And Mistreating People Seeking Documentation – Report

The registrar general’s office is said to be rude and mistreating people seeking documentation Daily News reports, The matter came to light through the ZHRC Chairperson Elasto Mugwadi who urged the govt officials to adopt a human rights-based service when dealing with the public.

Said Mugwadi:

…negative attitudes and lack of customer care or human rights-based service delivery by staff at government departments such as the RG’s office and department of social welfare discourages people from accessing services or documents when they need them.

In all our engagements with them, we are saying they should adopt a human rights- based approach which places the interest of the customer or the person being served as a priority.It is the top most issue they should be looking at.

The registrar general’s office is the one that processes all legal identification documents for Zimbabwe. Of late they have been having problems like having a huge passport backlog amounting to 370K+.

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6 comments on “Registra General’s Office Officials Rude And Mistreating People Seeking Documentation – Report

  1. It seems like most of the people working in all government offices demand too much respect, for example, the police details. Those in public offices treat their positions like some kind of authoritative territory. They can detain one for a whole one hour when they go for lunch and serve you thereafter for probably under 5 minutes. They don’t care whether you have your work to do elsewhere or not. They can converse with each other or be on the phone for none business issues and there is nothing one can do about it. You can not report to anyone and be heard. They don’t seem to have supervisors or managers, probably they are on the same level. If those offices were run the way the private sector operates, they will be very efficient and respect their customers. What they don’t know is that the people who have no jobs out there are more educated and capable of running the show better. They run their operations the same for 10 years or more, with no daily improvement to enhance efficiency.

  2. There is a Mrs Peteres in Byo. The woman is so rude and racist, she is a woman of colour. She favours coloured people against black people. She is so full of herself.

  3. The whole process at the RG,s office needs a complete overhaul. Some stages add no value and seem to be of no use. You can be reffered to an office only to have a date stamp impression put on your application and then go to another office for a signature!!!. Something that can be done in one office. Surely???. And then we say the Government wage bill is high. Really??

  4. Very true and they is this tall ugly man who checks forms he acts as if he is the RG himself or as if he is a GM of his own factory. He is so rude that you can’t even explain to him he has been there for some years and l wonder what’s the retirement age of the Registra General personnel. I went to Bulawayo Passport Office accompaning my son to submit his form l was standing with him on the queue he came and addressed people and said he wanted those with forms only on the line,when it was time for my son to get in side l stood up and tried get in he blocked me and ask where l was going l told him that l want to pay for my son with a bank card which l can swipe, he said to me l told you that l wanted those who have the forms only he said to me if your son doesn’t have money he must go out l told him that l have the money it’s in my card what l wanted is to swipe yoo it was a movie he shouted at me and told us to go away. We just went out with my son without submitting the form.What l wanted really was to swipe for the payment only and leave my son with a receipt. We are always told not to disclose our bank card pin numbers,surely was l wrong ? Anywhere l had to drive all the way to Gwanda leaving Bulawayo Passport at my door steps l had to do that because my son needed it to go to school. I dont want to disclose this man’s name may his Devil whom he is worshipping use and protect him so that he will die and go with that office to his grave. The Bulawayo Passport office staff are so corrupt the corruption office must investigate.

  5. lnaddition, The old aged like e.g from 70 year olds ,are to be told to come again and again to book a date for a topup yet its very expensive to come from the village to town only to be given a date and go back to the village and make a way again to come and make a payment for the topup .Why they can not register them and gave them the date to return , than to go home n return for days up and down only to be given a topup date.and remember its our elders.l witnessed this in mutare passport registry

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