Had He Been Alive Tsvangirayi Would Have Supported The Removal Of Sanctions = Eddie Cross

Renowned Veteran economist and political commentator Eddie Cross has reiterated that had Tsvangirayi been alive he would have argued for those seeking for a strategy change with the west.

Eddie on his website said those saying targeted sanctions affect the economy are not ill-informed as it affects our ability to borrow on international markets and deny our banks normal relationships with other banks and because of that US forces monitor our funds’ transfers because Zimbabwe is viewed as a risky country.

Eddie opined:

Our Banks are, in the majority, denied normal relationships with international banks and any money transfer of over US$5000 is monitored by the US Authorities. The recent unilateral imposition of a ‘fine’ on our largest Bank of US$300 million is just one more example of this bullying activity. We cannot hope to compete or to grow our economy until such constraints are removed and the main casualty of this process is not those targeted but the poor and the marginalised. The very people who have fought a brave and tough campaign to end the one Party State and bring us back to democracy under a half decent Constitution.

If he had lived to this day, Morgan Tsvangirai would have joined forces with those who have argued for a change in strategy by the West. Have sanctions changed Cuba one iota? No! Obama was right by opening up Cuba to trade and tourism, change would inevitably come to Cubans – who in the meantime be able to make a better living.

Sanctions are a blunt instrument that seldom produces change in the countries so targeted. One thing history tells us is that opening up societies and raising living standards and building up the middle class is a better way.

Eddie was speaking at the back of the government’s anti-sanctions day that was held on Friday. The US and the EU have however denied that sanctions affect ordinary Zimbabweans. 

More: Eddie Cross. 



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8 comments on “Had He Been Alive Tsvangirayi Would Have Supported The Removal Of Sanctions = Eddie Cross

  1. Eddie Eddie has zanu finally got too you tsvagerai would rather have licked his own bottom than disagreed to targeted sanctions how much was it?

  2. Eddie Cross, isn’t it about time you but a sock-in-it and shut the hell up. You’re a bloody idiot! Time to retire you stupid old fart!

  3. Eddie remember that most Zimbabweans are used to suffering.Remember the allegory of The Dark Cave by the famous philosopher,Plato???Our country is a deep dark cave!!Any meaningful idea is quickly rebuked.

  4. Eddie ‘s statement does not make any sense at all!! America’s and EU are still key trading partners for Zim. We can still borrow loans from any bank world wide provided previous loans are well serviced.

  5. Using profanities against Mr Cross like some are doing here means you cannot put up a sound counter argument. The truth remains: ZDERA sanctions impact negatively on the urban under classes mostly. Or present evidence of a targeted subject who is suffering because of the said punitive Act. Can we argue that Mr Gono, as an example, is suffering? Articulate facts than vent out frustrated emotions.

  6. Our neighbours are feeling the heat of sanctions imposed on our country, Zimbabwe. Its amusing that we have Zimbabweans who, up to this moment, deny and at the same time defend the existence of sanctions on our country. These sanctions have a negative impact on our neighbours and at same time we expect them to have a positive impact on Zimbabwe. Are we saying our neighbours are also targeted by the same sanctions? Zimbabweans, let us not be misled by desperate leaders who will call us fools tomorrow. Read zidera act. Zimbabwe economy is negatively targeted by this act. How do those who are pro zidera explain the view that the ordinary Zimbabwe person is not targeted by these sanctions if the Zimbabwe economy is negatively impacted by the so called restrictive measures.

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