Tanzania To Push For Zimbabwe Sanctions To Be Removed

The Tanzanian government will push for the removal of the United States of America and European Union sanctions against Zimbabwe during its tenure as chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

In an interview with a local publication, The Citizen, Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Palamagamba Kabudi, said:

This is the country’s agenda. Mozambique will continue with this advocacy if our term expires without success, the same way we succeeded in the industrial week that started four years ago.

On Friday, the government of Zimbabwe rallied citizens to take part in coordinated marches calling for the lifting of sanctions.

However, the demonstrations were considered a flop after thousands of Zimbabweans stayed at home.

More: The Citizen


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2 comments on “Tanzania To Push For Zimbabwe Sanctions To Be Removed

  1. Africa needs to ‘clean house’! The continent is mess, a laughing stock? Unless you bring to book the likes of the corrupt ruling elite in disaster zones like Zimbabwe, the continent will never move forward! Maybe sanctions should also be brought against any nations supporting the Zimbabwe regime? Maybe we may start to see some results…

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