FULL TEXT: USA Statement On Zimbabwe’s Anti-Sanctions Campaign

The American Foreign Relations Committee has issued a statement telling the government of Zimbabwe to focus on reforms instead of the anti-sanctions campaign. We present the statement in full below.

The U.S is an enduring partner and friend to the Zimbabwean people, which is reflected in our decades-long support to the country’s humanitarian and development needs. Zimbabwe’s leaders, starting with President Mnangagwa, continue to have a clear path towards strengthening the U.S.-Zimbabwe bilateral relationship through reforms outlined in the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act. The ruling party should focus on the needs of the Zimbabwean people instead of their bad governance, corruption, and state capture. Regional institutions should also focus their energies on supporting democracy, not kleptocratic regimes.

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One Comment on “FULL TEXT: USA Statement On Zimbabwe’s Anti-Sanctions Campaign

  1. Please explain why the U. S. Government recently donated $45 million for food aid yet the people are starving. Where is this money being sent through the embassy as it is not reaching the people.

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