Zimbabweans Urged To Demand The Removal Of Sanctions ‘NOW’

ZANU PF National Spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has urged Zimbabweans from all walks of life to come out in their thousands on October 25 and take part in anti-sanctions marches to be held across the country.

Khaya Moyo argued that the economic restrictions imposed on several Zimbabwean officials and entities by Western powers are at the core of economic challenges bedevilling the country. He said:

These criminal and diabolic acts have led to the collapse and closure of industries and retail establishments wherein people derived their livelihoods. The clarion call is for these illegal sanctions to be removed NOW.

Let every citizen be heard on this matter. Zimbabweans are therefore urged to gather in their multitudes across the country on Friday, October 25, 2019, and declare that ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

The United States of America, Great Britain and the European Union imposed targeted sanctions on several Zimbabweans officials at the turn of the millennium whom they accused of gross human rights abuses.

The sanctions have been renewed every year, and despite a thaw in Zimbabwe/West relations following the fall of former President Robert Mugabe in 2017, there has been a hardening of positions on both sides following the killing of unarmed civilians by armed forces in August last year and January this year.

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6 comments on “Zimbabweans Urged To Demand The Removal Of Sanctions ‘NOW’

  1. As much as sanctions must go so should Zanu Pf. Enough is enough. They have forced people to support them ever since and kill or beat up some who have gone against them, cheated at the polls since time immemorial, let alone running the country down. They make use of fear to intimidate the people. If they waged the war of liberation for democracy they should stick to that but if it was for selfishness then these self-invited sanctions are going to be part of our lives.

  2. You lie Mr Moyo. You’re a big liar. We are not coming to that zvekutungana kwembudzi. You’re wasting 4million of money that you do not have over trivialities.

  3. In my own opinion sanctions are a “legal” form of human rights violations. Why would a country of 16 million be in such a mess because of less than 200 people said to be on the targetted sanctions? Ours are not only targeted but touch just about everyone to some extent. Why can’t one buy something from Amazon for instance and get it delivered to the country? Should we not be able to buy without restrictions? I feel they are just as evil. The worst is that the people who are said to be targetted have very good lives and still travel abroad be it to the imposing countries or others. They can afford to get medical treatment out there yet the innocent die in the poorly funded hospitals.

  4. If the zanu fools keep demanding as they always do with a big begging bowl they might find that more human rights offenders may be added to the list not stopped
    You say sanctions are bad but when it was former Rhodesia you thought sanctions were wonderful and those were nation wide blanketed sanctions by the international community
    In short these individuals have no right to be in position of running an egg and spoon race never mind a country they care only for a pretend liberation movement that has delivered nothing it promised millions at independence black white and coloured they have lied raped and destroyed a country whilst using this garbage nationalistic politically inflamed misinformation to torture maim ant intimidate every one this is the ideology of a terrorist organisation that no one cares for any more

  5. Observer you have answered your own question how can only 200 murdering scum hold a hold an entire country to ransom it is a fact that every one wants them brought to justice ,do this first correct their foolish mistakes and learn to trade with other countries in an open and transparent manner
    Amazon doesn’t want its company embroiled with scum who murder there own relatives in the street for having a different view of how they want there lives to be governed in the future

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