FULL THREAD: “If Push Comes To Shove, We Shall Camp Outside US Embassy,” Opposition Party On Sanctions “

Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) founder, Linda Masarira-Kaingidza has said that her party is standing in solidarity with the government and SADC in pushing for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. Posting on Twitter, she said:

As Africa is standing in Zimbabwe, @LEAD_2019 is standing in solidarity with SADC heads of state calling for the lifting of sanctions. If the current situation continues to prevail we are doomed as a people. Sanctions have disabled the macroeconomic environment. #25October

Sanctions corrodes FDI confidence, deteriorates terms of trade, increases international business risk premium. • Sanctions make the production possibility capacity or frontier shift inside to the left leading to economic quagmire, recession, rising unemployment. #25October

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Unemployment causes loss of income. Loss of income leads to falling living standards and rising mortality rates. All this affects the livelihoods and future of the youth in Zimbabwe. Government of Zimbabwe call for a national emergency against sanctions. #25October

Sanctions which were deployed by a national emergency by the American President are *war* and *defense* measures that can be escalated to a *military invasion* by an instruction by the same President if the Americans do not neutralize that threat that they believe Zimbabwe poses to their national, economic and security interest. This has already happened in a number of countries in South America, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia. LEAD is teaching citizens to love their nation & each other & to unite as the first step to fight sanctions.

Zimbabweans should unite as countrymen who understand that we need each other to progress. We can’t fix Zimbabwe’s problems if we are divided. We are organizing people into community & social organizations to address the problems we have that allow sanctions to be effective.

We are calling on all progressive political parties and civic organisations to work with us as we seek to define, establish and build a shared national interest, identity and vision to galvanize us to work towards a transformative developmental state.

We need to address previous pains and divisions that polarized us to build reconciliation through traditional and spiritual means using our traditional leaders, elders and not politicians. To create trust, responsibility and accountability for each other and our nation.

Our efforts should be focused on collectively investing, innovating, exporting, importing, solving problems, building, mining, farming, saving and producing together to build the nation. With that we must stand together as a nation to create noise and inform the world that the US, her European allies, have imposed economic war, sabotage & destabilization that is killing people, displacing millions, destroying the economy & making people suffer so as to agitate them to change the government undemocratically.

We are lobbying and conducting public engagements to create enough global awareness about these sanctions and the fact that they are violating 16mil Zimbabwean social, cultural and economic *human rights* for American and western economic interests.

If push comes to shove we shall go and camp outside US Embassy. As a concerned alternative party in Zimbabwe, we are in the process of forming partnerships with other countries who are sanctioned by the west.

We are forging a drive for African political, economic and social unity because sanctions will be used to continue to subjugate African countries for strategic resources as they run out across the world and Africa increases control.

If we succeed in doing this. We will have the glue to make every Zimbabwean feel like they are a part of building Zimbabwe and a part of each other. Each Zimbabwean from civil servants, man on the street, worker, business man would feel like a contributor to building our home.

That way we create a new value system, sense of belonging & ownership that makes it difficult for people to steal, corrupt or sabotage what they have built together. For those who don’t have the sense of ownership, they will be pressured by the cultural change of collective..

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2 comments on “FULL THREAD: “If Push Comes To Shove, We Shall Camp Outside US Embassy,” Opposition Party On Sanctions “

  1. Zanu brought sanctions upon zimbabwe

    How can a government that should protect lives and property encourage people to destroy private property and kill and maim innocent citizens?

    Wonder why people support Zanu rubbish? But then most are forced!

    Zanu doesn’t have the best intentions and interests of the person.

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