“Transformer Thieves Either Work For ZESA Or Have Relatives At ZESA” – ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that the government was now convinced that thieves who were stealing transformers had connections with people working at the power utility, ZESA, or they themselves were ZESA workers.

He added that the government was considering designing anti-theft measures. Speaking during a question and answer segment at the ongoing Zimtrade Exporters Conference in Bulawayo this Thursday, Mnangagwa said:

Transformers are being stolen countrywide. We are convinced that those who steal either work for Zesa or have relatives at Zesa. We have engaged the ministry of ICT to develop solutions for anti-theft of Transformers. We are also thinking of how we can come up with a type of Transformers that cannot be stolen.

His remarks come when some power cuts in the country have been attributed to vandalism of ZESA Holdings properties including transformers and copper cables.

The country is having a huge power deficit which is manifest in 18-hour long power cuts which are further worsening the economic crisis in the country.

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7 comments on ““Transformer Thieves Either Work For ZESA Or Have Relatives At ZESA” – ED

  1. Just end the hunger, joblessness and suffering in the country and theft of public infrastructure will disapper. You promised JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!. Try and also ensure that those that are employed are indeed gainfully employed, otherwise for survival they will plunder their workplaces. In fact, just step down man, you have dismally failed.

  2. Theft is theft whether they work for Zesa or not tell us tell us about the genocide in hospitals which is a direct result of Zanu pf greediness and selfishness, expecting a doctor to walk hungry to work and be expected to give proper medical services to the public whilst on the other you squander our moneys paying yourselves hefty salaries and seeking medical attention outside the country. Zanu is so wicked worse than the Rodesia regime.

  3. And all of the zesa workers just like the police and the army work for one arm of the one party state zanu pf along with the greatest tanned lying leader of the greatest terrorist nation bar North Korea .
    Hail manawanker hail manawanker the saviour of binzabwe

  4. Mangagwa needs to keep running from his poisoners whilst eating self cooked sadza no matter where the kremlin ,Beijing soel Paris at every opportunity as it makes him feel safe and powerful just like in the 1980s

  5. It appears that the Chinese are offering a good price for copper at the moment no self respecting black communist sympathiser would let such a capitalistic opportunity go to waste oh and how the people’s freedom will be amplified by such sacrifice

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