“How We Tackled Economic & Political Crises Similar To Contemporary Ones”

Exiled former Tourism Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi has said that Zimbabwe needs to take a leaf from past experiences to alleviate the socio-economic and political crises bedevilling the country. He diagnosed the crises and recommended solutions as follows:

  • Dialogue with the wrong people (POLAD) does not work: Ian Smith engaged Bishop Abel Muzorewa, ignoring the popular and legitimate Patriotic Front, worsening the crisis. President Mnangagwa needs a dialogue with Chamisa, leader of the main opposition (MDC) in the country.
  • Tolerance and Putting National Interest ahead of personal interests: This prompted Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Nkomo to form and or sign the GNU and the 1987 Unity Accord.
  • Legitimacy is conferred by your political opponents: Mnangagwa has to be endorsed by Chamisa.
  • Demonstrations against sanctions will not work: Need ways to bust sanctions as Smith did when he Unilaterally Declared Independence.
  • Public Confidence in policies: Without confidence, even sound policies will not work.
  • Current leaders, in ZANU PF and MDC, lack empathy for the suffering masses: They are egocentric, no sense of humility.
  • Hate speech is killing prospects for dialogue between ED and Chamisa: Leaders must call for a ceasefire.
  • Advisers to both Chamisa and Mnangagwa have to mature and push Zimbabwe towards genuine dialogue.

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