VP Chiwenga Fires Security Details – Report

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who is currently recovering in China after being operated on, has reportedly fired some of his security aides.

Chiwenga dismissed the security details fearing that they were spying on him and giving his political rivals information on his recovery bid. The Independent quotes its sources as saying:

He remained with two security aides by the name Ncube and Kadengu, who are from the military.

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… Besides, he also believed they were giving updates to his political rivals, including Mnangagwa about his progress.

Chiwenga has been in and out of the hospital several times, as he visited India, South Africa and now China for medical treatment.

The former army general is expected to remain in China for several months, surrounded by family members, including his son, though his wife, Marry, is in Zimbabwe.

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4 comments on “VP Chiwenga Fires Security Details – Report

  1. So, now we know that Mnangagwa is Chiwenga’s political rival. I thought ED gave him the job of overthrowing Mugabe plus a job as the Vice president. Why does the top hierarchy of this country ALL go overseas for medical reasons and cost this country millions of USD$, when there are perfectly good doctors and hospitals that would care for these arrogant kleptocrats here in Zim. If Chiwenga is not coming back to WORK for a couple more months, why doesn’t he resign? Why should we pay all his medical bills plus his hefty USD$ salary. At least he isn’t here to enable him to be at the forex ‘feeding trough’ at RBZ every morning. This man should resign and come home. We do not owe this man one more dollar.

  2. Did he cause himself to be in that state or its u. This is not a natural cause. Increase yo evolutionary pace : homo erectus is too far backward a stage

  3. Kkkkkkkk. How unusual. People in power dwell in a pit of delusions, paranoia, suspicions. Why? Because they have ridden with those three horsemen themselves. What goes around comes around. VP Chiwenga, sir, please avoid that Chinese ice cream.
    Which oligarch wants to china China (loving) Chiwenga?
    BTW, paid sick leave? On govt. expenses? All normal then.

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