“We’ve 2 Presidents In Zimbabwe,” Chamisa

Leader of the opposition MDC, advocate Nelson Chamisa has said that Zimbabwe has two presidents at the moment.

He said that one of them was elected by the people whilst the other one came from the courts.

President Chamisa: “We have two Presidents, one who came from the people and the other who came from the courts.”


The remarks are consistent with Chamisa and his party’s conviction that the 2018 elections were manipulated by ZANU PF in connivance with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Chamisa insists that he won the presidential elections which ZEC and the Constitutional Court said were won by ZANU PF presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The issue of who won the elections has also impacted on the national dialogue as Chamisa demands that Mnangagwa’s legitimacy be put on the dialogue agenda.

Mnangagwa, on the other hand, is adamant that he won, therefore, he would not have the matter discussed.

Observers believe that the standoff between ZANU PF and the MDC is e=worsening the socio-economic and political crises in the country.

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3 comments on ““We’ve 2 Presidents In Zimbabwe,” Chamisa

  1. This remind us of the era of Mugabe and Tsvangirai. Mugabe at least he reasoned and come to the table through mediator. Mnangagwa never talk to Mugabe until death. He is full of pride for nothing. We are tired of his promises. jobs jobs jobs were are they? Zimbabwe is open for business the actual fact is Zimbabwe is open for poverty.

  2. The will of the people is to live a good life,therefore our constitution must have a close which compel all those wishing to contest the presidency to dialogue in case of disagreements before they can be accepted as candidates.There must be a timeframe within which to agree after which a ruling in favour of the people will be made if no agreement is reached, to allow the country to move on otherwise voting is now a license to suffering and poverty here in Zim mainly because naturally other people will never accept defeat.The wrangles for leadership in Africa are due to the fact that politicians think that they a more powerful than the people who vote for them .Africans a one hence there is no need to let our people suffer ,agree like what the whites do and move on otherwise sessions in our parliament a now a worst of resources because its like a fighting ground which is a sorry sight for the whole African race. I personally feel sorry for our richest continent because Africans greatly hate each other and a so divided.It looks like most Africans now believe in whites as their saviour not God.Let us be ourselves and have one voice God loves us but we don’t love each other

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