“Build Medical Institutions Better Than Those In China & Singapore,” Malema

Julius Sello Malema, leader of an opposition political party in South Africa, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has said that African leaders invest in local health systems.

He gave the example of ailing Chiwenga who is currently receiving medical attention in China saying that it was indicative that Zimbabwe had not invested in the local health sector. He said:

African leaders themselves get help outside their own countries. The same thing is happening with Chiwenga who I am told is in China and all of that for treatment.

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It must be a lesson for all of us, those African leaders that they must look after their own countries and build facilities which are better than those in Singapore or China.

We must have such facilities to cure our own here on the continent. It is not always nice to hear that our leaders are away (in other countries) for medical check-ups and all of that.

Malema said that the African continent was suffering because of leaders who were not willing to invest in critical areas.

Malema was speaking in Harare after meeting former First Lady, Grace Mugabe, the widow of Zimbabwe’s founding leader Robert Mugabe who died in Singapore where he was receiving medical attention.

He added that besides education meant to equip Africans with some rare skills, African leaders must never seek assistance from beyond their countries’ borders since they have enough resources to sustain them.

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2 comments on ““Build Medical Institutions Better Than Those In China & Singapore,” Malema

  1. Malema is a misguided element who is a mere voice box. After gormandising mai mugabe’s delicious food he makes such reckless statement which attacks RGM the dead. God have mercy for marema_

  2. Hey Prof, you must have a doctorate in stupidity lol, simply put, you’re an idiot! Juju may not be the brightest of the bunch but he has a point.

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