Fake Abductions Are Political Trickery, Which Is Terrorism And Should Be Thwarted – ED

Before leaving for the United Nations summit in the US, the president addressed the nation and in his address issued a stern warning to supposed perpetrators of fake abductions. The President was responding to Dr Peter Magombeyi’s case which those in government and the ruling party have dismissed as a fake abduction.

The President said these “fake abductions” were acts of terrorism and there should be measures to stop them as they threatened and undermined the government’s efforts to better Zimbabwe:

While we are happy that a staffer at a local hospital who had been reported missing has now been found unharmed, Government is disturbed by the growing trend of politically motivated false abductions in the country which are calculated to put Government in negative light.

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Such political trickery, which in fact amounts to terrorism, will not take our country forward. The State has a responsibility to ensure protection and safety for all citizens. New measures might have to be formulated to deal with this new threat and to severely punish those responsible for such subterfuges.

Dr Magombeyi was found on Thursday evening near Nyabira a small growth point along the Harare-Kariba highway. He has reportedly refused to speak to the ZRP to solve his abduction case.

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7 comments on “Fake Abductions Are Political Trickery, Which Is Terrorism And Should Be Thwarted – ED

  1. Big problems indeed cde. Put terrorists behind bars. Starting nemufana iyeyu anotaura chokwadi. His story of basement and electrocution is not adding up

  2. ED – wake up and smell the coffee. Your government is so tainted with corruption, mischief and nepotism that your utterances smack of an unperturbed tyrant.

  3. He can’t eliminate the practice because he’s the originator/implementor perfectionist of it after inheritance from Rhodesia!!!

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