PICTURE: Zimbabweans Shun Mugabe Funeral By The Thousands

There was unusually low attendance at state the funeral of the former President Robert Mugabe at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday afternoon with large swathes of the iconic stadium largely empty.

While it is not clear why people avoided the occasion, some observers believe it is for a mixture of reasons. Citizens are enticed to State events not because they attach particular importance to the functions, but because of the entertainment provided thereafter.

According to a prominent journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, in the case of Mugabe’s death, the issue of entertainment did not apply, because even in death, Mugabe is still embroiled in a fight with his protege, President Emmerson Mnangagwa!


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2 comments on “PICTURE: Zimbabweans Shun Mugabe Funeral By The Thousands

  1. In the accompanying picture is a broken down Army truck being towed out of the Stadium. Isn’t that the picture of Zimbabwe. Funny funny ha ha!!!!!!!

  2. People busy trying to make ends meet and feed their families in this pathetic economy destroyed by this old man whose family is enjoying our sweat. Who would have time and money to waste going to the funeral of a thief and selfish when transport costs are now beyond even a doctor because of these Zanoids. Rot in hell and let be no one like u on this earth we hate u in life and in death. Go away you robbed us of our lives.

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