WATCH: Funeral Tent Collapses At Mugabe’s Blue Roof Residence

A video shows huge tent pitched at the later president Robert Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion for his funeral collapsing due to strong winds:


Some prominent Zimbabweans on Twitter commented that the event could be interpreted in African tradition to mean much more.

Said prominent constitutional lawyer, Alex Magaisa:

It could be poor workmanship.

But back in the village, a fellow villager would shake his head and say “Pasimuka mhepo”.

Another would just say “Hameno” blowing thick tobacco smoke.

Another would chip in, “Pane panoda kugadzirwa” surveying the sky as if it holds answers.

In traditional African cosmology this circumstance alone could fundamentally shape decisions! If you don’t appreciate it, you will never understand. And it’s helpful also to understand decision-making processes in other areas of modern life, including voting!

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10 comments on “WATCH: Funeral Tent Collapses At Mugabe’s Blue Roof Residence

  1. zvaitika kureva mufi haasi kuda zvachose pakaita nharo mumwe anogona kumuteera kana kuremara. mhuri ngaibvunzwe vataure chokwadi. pasichigare chiratidzo chikuru ichi

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