Mthwakazi Wishes Mugabe’s Soul Burns In Hell Forever

A Matabeleland-based secessionist political party, Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) said that the late President Robert Mugabe’s soul should burn in hell for as long as the earth abides.

In a statement, MLF accused the late Mugabe of killing thousands of people in the southern region of the country and never apologised for it. The statement reads in part:

We thank God Almighty for sending His Hideous, the butcher of Mthwakazi to Hell, may his soul forever burn in Hell till the end of life on earth! It is historically incorrect to praise a tormentor simply because he is no more.

May his soul be tortured by the eternal fires of Hades and Damnation! In the liberated Mthwakazi state, a chained Mugabe statue will be put in an enclosure in front of the state High Court.

We also pray to our Only and Holy God to speedily take Emmerson Mnangagwa to hell as well, these two are a very good pair and together they killed more people than imaginable.

… Hundreds and thousands of our people died in their hands, tens of thousands of our women were raped, yet more thousands of our people were maimed and tortured. He never apologised and so he dies a condemned devil.

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9 comments on “Mthwakazi Wishes Mugabe’s Soul Burns In Hell Forever

  1. The dissidents who terrorised civilians leading to Gukurahundi should equally suffer eternal hell! Both late Mugabe and Nkomo owe us an explanation!

  2. The Mutwakazi political fringe lunatics should cool down and allow us to mourn our national hero. We don’t want Zimbabweans who dwell on historical moments of madness. In the same way, we don`t want historians who dwell on how the Ndebeles butchered Shona and looted their cattle and young women

  3. Mthwakazi is not heaven and has no God of its own. Who are you earth to wish the dead hell? Do they have influence on the fate of the dead? Shame on you . Joshua should be turning in his gave on hearing this. We are in the drive to heal wounds of the past yet u a petrol bombing national efforts. This is a Vampire attitude. Yu a myopic minded thats wy u will never make it in politics. God is there to judge all of us not yu. Yu sound idiotioc and medievally primitive. Yo cultural hypothesis is full of rotten stuff . Shame on yu. Preach peace not hatred. listen to the political leadership’s clarion call for forgiveness and tolerance. After all u a not of local origin. To hell w this nonsense of yoz. Yu need total debrainwashing and deniggerisation. Ichoooo

  4. That map insinuating a non-unitary Zim State is anathema to the majority of Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe will remain one unitary state under one government, constitutionally speaking. No one should naively dream a Biafra in Zim! Nehanda forbid! Amen!

  5. Remember yo hist says yo mothers were prostitutes who were saving raiders from across the limpopo. U have no origin in Mat North . remember this

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