FULL THREAD: “We Differed Greatly, But We Recognise His Contribution” – Chamisa Mourns Mugabe

Advocate Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition MDC has mourned the passing on of the former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe who died in the early hours of Friday. The 95-year-old had been hospitalised in Singapore for a sustained period of time for an undisclosed illness. Chamisa described Mugabe as a giant saying that even when the MDC differed and fought Mugabe for a prolonged period of time, no one could take away Mugabe’s contributions to Zimbabwe. Below is Chamisa’s full twitter thread.

1/3 My condolences to the Mugabe family and Africa for the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding President. This is a dark moment for the family because a giant among them has fallen. May the Lord comfort them.

2/3 Even though I and our party, the MDC, and the Zimbabwean people had great political differences with the late former President during his tenure in office, and disagreed for decades, we recognise his contribution made during his lifetime as a nation’s founding President. 

3/3 There’s so much to say for a life of 95 years and national leadership spanning over 37 years but in the true spirit of Ubuntu, we would like to give this moment to mourning but there will be time for greater reflection.


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  1. Well said, Adv Chamisa! That’s being statesmanly! Borrowing from your pastoral understanding of the Bible, indeed there is a time for everything. Now we are in mourning, hence we need to come together as Zimbabweans in the spirit of Ubuntu. What Adv Chamisa has said is what we expect of mature politicians! May former President Robert Mugabe’s Soul Rest In Peace.

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