Why Are Some Voters Being De-Registered? – MDC Ask ZEC Ahead Of By-Election

Opposition MDC led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa has lodged a complaint with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission over the latest voters’ roll.

The party claimed in a letter that they have noted that about 231 voters who appeared in the 2018 voters’ roll have been removed from the current one.

Party Secretary-General, Chalton Hwende also said that some voters were being moved from polling stations they used in 2018 to other polling stations without prior notice.

The party believes the development is likely to rob most voters of their right to choose their desired representatives. Writing to ZEC, the party said:

A comparative analysis of the current by-elections voters’ rolls given to MDC candidates and the voters’ rolls used in the 2018 general elections reveals a significant pattern in variations which require clarity from your organisation at the highest level.

MDC previously made it clear that the commission was manipulating elections in favour of the ruling ZANU PF. The party even challenged the outcome of the 2018 presidential election at the Constitutional Court saying its candidate, Chamisa had won ahead of now President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was representing ZANU PF.

The outcry comes when ZEC has announced that it was sanitising the voters’ roll and was also redrawing constituency boundaries.

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  1. Rigging is part of sanitizing the Voters Roll! ZEC you are a captured Institution hence your integrity and impartiality in running/managing elections is highly spurious to say the least.

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