“Lesson From History: The Peaceful Masses Are Irrelevant”

Daily News editorial has argued that now was the right time to act and to do so collectively so as to address the reverse the deeply entrenched socio-economic and political crises prevalent in Zimbabwe.

The publication notes that the ruling ZANU PF has been in power for nearly four decades and has only been successful in bringing Zimbabwe onto its knees.

It also noted that whilst there was no independence to celebrate now, there was also nothing future generations would inherit as political elites are stealing national resources for personal use.

The publication further noted that everyone, including and particularly churches, had a role to play in the resuscitation of the nation.

The editor made reference to a famous saying which notes that “Evil only flourishes when good men do nothing” to demonstrate that the current complete and utter mess that Zanu PF have led Zimbabwe into was a result on inaction by some actors in society.

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One Comment on ““Lesson From History: The Peaceful Masses Are Irrelevant”

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