Govt Investigating Errant Fuel Dealers

The government of Zimbabwe has set its sights on errand fuel dealers The govt is blaming these dealers for blending fuel above the recommended ratios of ethanol and gasoline, short-changing consumers in the process. The energy Minister at an Institute For Chartered Accountants workshop reiterated that the blending was being audited.

Ethanol blending is a controversial issue. Know that there are issues around this. People think we are fudging or we are cheating and so forth. I want to confirm with you that the process has an audit trail that oversees it.

Members are saying, maybe in service stations something else is happening. I need to understand that further. But we must accept that there are people who don’t service their cars

There are many things, but when the public complains, we want to look into the issue. I have asked the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) to look into it

Blending is supposed to be 20% Ethanol and 80% gasoline. However, there has been an outcry over the quality of the blended fuel.  of late with the masses complaining that the blended fuel did not last long.

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