“ED Didn’t Want Price Controls But Businesses Are Forcing Our Hand” – ZANU PF

ZANU PF national political commissar, Victor Matemadanda has said that the party was contemplating price controls as inflation soars higher.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Zaka East last Saturday ahead of a parliamentary by-election slated for September 21, Matemadanda said:

We said we are going to increase salaries for civil servants and shops are busy increasing prices. What is the logic behind those price hikes?

What it means is that businesses are fighting President Mnangagwa and his development initiatives. President Mnangagwa did not want price controls but these businesses are forcing our hand.

It is not because we can’t control the prices but it’s because we wanted the businesses to operate in a free environment which benefits them and the consumers. This has however been taken as a sign of weakness by these business people.

His remarks come as prices of commodities have been on the rise for a sustained period of time now.

The business community has said that fuel prices, scarcity of foreign currency and the depreciation of the local currency among other issues have forced prices up.

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3 comments on ““ED Didn’t Want Price Controls But Businesses Are Forcing Our Hand” – ZANU PF

  1. Matemadanda of late he is a Jack of all trades. He behaves as if he is the minister of information, the next day he is the minister of home affairs threatening that he will crush all people who want to constitutional demonstrate against price increases. Now he is talking as a minister of trade and commerce. So if you are a war vet you talk anyhow without referring to the responsible ministry. So when people say we are under military government they are 100% correct. Zimbabwean people we are hold hostage by the military again like what they did to Mugabe. Command economics is coming soon starting with command price control.

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