CSC To Install 3MW Solar Plant Before Resuming Operations

The Cold Storage Commission is expected to fork out $9 Million dollars for a solar plant before resuming operations The Chronicle reports. This will, therefore, reduce any operational inefficiency that may otherwise affect the CSC. The solar plant will therefore push further the reopening date to January 2020 and not December 2019 as previously reported.

A senior executive at CSC spoke to the Chronicle and said:

The engineers were here because we have foreseen the challenges of Zesa and investors are now looking at putting up solar fields so that they augment Zesa. As we speak designs and repairs for the factory are being completed and things are moving on well.

Repairs must all be cleared by December so that we open Bulawayo in January next year. The delay to open is as a result of this programme to install this modern technology which has got to be compatible to both Zesa and solar. We are now working on green energy so that when we resume operations we are not constrained by power cuts from Zesa,

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