Amnesty International Can No Longer Speak Authoritatively About Zimbabwe – Government

The Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting services Mr Ndabaningi Mangwana speaking to the Herald said Amnesty International was in no position to make accurate human rights reports about Zimbabwe because:

  1. They are battling their own internal issues hence they are not fully geared to collect and gather full info about Zimbabwe
  2. They have closed shop in Zimbabwe and they are operating in SA how will they get the clear picture of what’s happening when they are not on the ground.

Mr Mangwana said:

And Amnesty has failed its donors, stakeholders, and supporters by not keeping its own house in order, in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Millions of dollars are still unaccounted for, a first for Amnesty and a huge loss of face for an NGO that prides itself as a human rights champion.

So it comes as some surprise that Amnesty has now attacked Zimbabwe for an alleged human rights crackdown since the fall of Robert Mugabe in 2017. It has produced a report that catalogues allegations of abuses, including arrests of rights activists in the country

As Amnesty no longer operates an office in Harare, one wonders how they were able to verify these allegations. Its country director had resigned once the fraud was revealed, while the chair and finance officer are currently suspended and Muleya Mwananyanda is based out of Johannesburg in neighbouring South Africa. For an NGO to judge both protesters and the Government fairly in Zimbabwe, it should be on the ground to see the real situation.

What is going on at Amnesty International? First, two staff members killed themselves last year. Then an internal review ordered by Amnesty secretary-general Kumi Naidoo revealed a ‘toxic’ workplace culture of bullying and nepotism,

We also wish Amnesty International would improve on its governance and credibility after recent corruption scandals involving the major abuse of donor funding and false claims that one Tinashe Kaitano of Kadoma had been shot by authorities and buried, a claim which later proved to be a falsehood when Mr Kaitano appeared in court.

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