ZIFA Ordered To Pay Half A Million USD To Former Employee

ZIFA has been ordered to pay Lazarous Muushanyama a former employee an amount exceeding US$500 000. A garnish order issued to ZIFA states that the football body must pay US$518 331.81 by tomorrow. Part of the garnish order seen by The Standard reads:

You are hereby instructed to deposit US$518 331,81 into the plaintiff’s FCA [foreign currency account] from the following account numbers held in the name of Zifa within 48 hours:
0181197610296101; 1811976/029210; 081197610292103; 081197610292104. You are instructed to deposit the money within 48 hours,

ZIFA has been going back and forth with a former employee who was retrenched in 2004 but never received his package. The matter had spilt into courts and ZIFA failed to honour their end of the deal. hence the garnishing order.

ZIFA is also battling financial problems, they have been battling to secure airline tickets for the warriors and the young warriors who are supposed to play in Somalia and South Africa respectively.

More: The Standard


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