9 Doors TICAD/Japan Opened For Us – ED

Speaking to Journalists at the just ended 3-day summit in Yokohama Japan, The President listed the doors he says Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) opened for Zimbabwe. These include

  1. “…Economic and trade cooperation between Zimbabwe and Japan, with the interest that Japan has and is eager to do their best to support the recovery of our economy.”
  2. “They have given us several grants to assist us in several areas, in particular in the agriculture sector”
  3. “Japan is giving us a grant to deal with the hazardous area of the Zambezi escarpment”
  4. “Japan financing the ring road around the City of Harare, which is a US$110 million project.”
  5. “We also discussed the issue of rehabilitating Birchenough Bridge that spa spans the Save River and several other irrigation projects.”
  6. “I am going to commission an irrigation project on the eastern part of the country, the Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme in Nyanga, which is in its second phase and has been financed by Japan.”
  7. “Japan has also undertaken to modernise and refurbish the paediatric department at Harare Hospital”
  8. “In the area of ICT and technologies, they have said Japan is looking at modernising our agriculture and mining sectors, and developing our infrastructure.”
  9. “We are going to benefit from TICAD (financially). The initial amount that has been put on the table by Japan is about US$20 billion and there is a possibility of it being increased.”

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