MPs Summon Mthuli Over Govt Finances Mess

The Finance Minister has been urgently summoned by parly to explain why government finances are in such a dire state. The legislators who are saying the government’s expenditure and accounting systems are in shambles want an explanation on a series of unauthorised expenditures which now include the ZW$10,85 billion supplementary budget which Mthuli presented earlier this month.

According to the publication:

The MPs wants Ncube to appear in parliament to “seek condonation of all the unauthorised expenditure incurred since 2014”. Government has been engaging in extra budgetary expenditures without parliamentary approval.

The legislature also wants Ncube to account for state loans and guarantees. MPs have thus given him up to September 30 — in some cases up to tomorrow — to disclose the terms and conditions of all public loans and loan guarantees that have not been published.

The legislators also queried the exact amount of Zimbabwe total debt stock.

Government debt remains a mistery with treasury providing varying figures on different occasions.

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2 comments on “MPs Summon Mthuli Over Govt Finances Mess

  1. Mthuli Ncube is just a serial criminal who was brought in as part of the cartel gangs of ED and Chiwenga to cause more damage and suffering to the already decaying economy. He has no sympathy at all , a heartless and cruel man who is selfish and very greedy hence loves showing off talking to rich nations yet they know at home he is a complete failure an unrepentant lier

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