The Rule Of Law Will Apply For Everyone – ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that the rule of law will apply for every Zimbabwean even those sponsored by Americans.

He said this while responding to questions from journalists in Japan where he is attending the seventh edition of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (Ticad 7).

Reporters desired an explanation over the police brutality witnessed on the streets of Harare when citizens were protesting against the government’s failure to solve the ongoing economic crisis. He said:

There is not an incident where the rule of law has been breached, not even one incident. We apply the rule of law. Those who commit a crime, the law must apply.

You cannot have double standards where the rule of law, when it deals with people who are supported by the Americans, funded by the Americans when they commit crimes, we should not touch them, no.

Zimbabwe is a unitary state and our laws apply to every citizen, whether you are in the opposition or are in government or you do not belong to any political party at all, if you commit murder you get arrested, corruption or any violent act you get arrested, that is the rule of law which we observe.

The government has accused the United States of America of pushing for an illegal change of the government in Zimbabwe.

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3 comments on “The Rule Of Law Will Apply For Everyone – ED

  1. ED What of Godwin GOMWE, What of abductors in the CIO department, Ignatius Chombo who was found with ten million in his house which disappeared and was never talked about, Chiadzwa diamonds,owner of 15 Farms in Zimbabwe, Chivhayo? Cry my beloved country.

  2. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.That is the situation in Zimbabwe since 1980(Animal farm).First of all Mr President tell us what you did with 15 billion usd which disappeared(Marange diamonds).Who was arrested?Is Obert Mpofu behind bars???We all know that he is the most corrupt Zimbabwean of all time.What did you do with the army when it killed un armed civilians soon after the election??The problem with Zanu pf is that the guys are primitive,Zanu pf does not want civilisation.Just imagine our children are still being taught the life cycle of a locust while other countries are teaching youth technology.What development did Zanu pf do in Zimbabwe since 1980-nothing.Check our roads,most of them are now gullies if not rivers.We are still using the same roads that were left by the Smith regime.Beitbridge road is full of pot holes,where is the toll gates money going to?There are no road signs in some places.How i wish the United nations could put it in black and white that no presidents ,mps,ministers(their families) ruling party members, to receive medication and education in other countries.The reason being they destroy their own systems in their countries,steal from the poor citizens and fly overseas for medication,shopping and educataion.Unkulunkulu ayisobhare, time is the master,one day is one day , tables will turn.Its just a matter of time.

  3. The very ED who is utterring those stinking words should actually be the one in the cage . How many people have they abducted and killed. He forced himself and Chiwenga in power and they are ruling Zim with an axe, he thinks we do not know that All the sufferings in Zim are caused by him and his cartel gangs. Only fools will take his words seriously. Zanu was long gone 2008 and uncle Bob knows that and it was this cancer ED and Chiwenga who used force and refused to step down which is criminal. We know who you are ED is killer with fake smiles yet you long for blood to every Zimbo who is so smart to tell you the truth. One day it will catch up with you. Remember wakabuda muZim uchitiza so usadziirwa uchikanganwa maChinga akakutambira awave kuuraya nhasi . The army yaunotemba could have been a failed coup had the people of Zimbabwe ignored to take to the street of which those pple were 75 % opposition members . Think again, and your shameful comments like shamhu ine munyu , tichingotonga etc tinyarewo wakura mudhara iwe zero rako unkurudzira violence haunyariwo here. What do you think of your children and grandchildren watching your crapy shit you utter in the public.Shame on you mr president

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