“ZACC Is Now Prioritising Revenue & Asset Recovery, Recovered $10M” – ZACC

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has said that it is now prioritising revenue and asset recovery.

ZACC spokesperson, Mr John Makamure, said that the anti-graft commission had since recovered more than $10 million dollars from corrupt individuals since its establishment. Makamure said:

Zacc is now prioritising revenue and asset recovery. Those who have stolen Government revenue or misuse Government assets will be pursued, Zacc is keen to recover those assets. So far Zacc is pleased with its achievement in that regard. Since we came into office, Zacc has managed to recover over $10 million that has since been paid to Zimra, through Zacc’s efforts. So we want to intensify recovery. We need to intensify revenue recovery so that it aids economic recovery.

He also called upon Parliament to expedite the process of passing the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill (2019) which is before the House.

Makamure said that revenue and asset recovery is essential to the country hence the need to have legislation backing it.

The legislation gives ZIMRA, ZACC, and Police the powers to question about and confiscate unexplained wealth.

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3 comments on ““ZACC Is Now Prioritising Revenue & Asset Recovery, Recovered $10M” – ZACC

  1. Please give a breakdown from where the 10m has been recovered from. A simple table like Case No, Name of culprit, Type of fraud or abuse of Office, Assets acquired through Offence, Assets ceded back to State, and Amount Recovered. Please also state type of currency, because if your 10m is Bond, you have not begun. Remember most of the looting was done during the USD (real money) times.

  2. Command Agriculture funds are crying/shouting to be recovered ZACC get your act together and lets see the results, but remember the funds were in US$. So Walk the Talk!!!

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