WATCH: Scenes From Botched Drug Cleanup Pretoria Protests

A protest broke in South Africa’s Pretoria after Taxi drivers blocked roads today and people started looting shops in the CBD. The violence was reportedly enticed by a noble cause of drivers trying to clean up the drug dealers who were operating TAXIs.

It is reported that when the taxi drivers got to a certain place they found people who looked like Police officers among the drug dealers. Shots were fired and one TAXI driver was shot dead. Fellow taxi drivers responded by blocking roads and putting stones and other stuff to block traffic. Armed police was deployed and the chaos intensified.

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2 comments on “WATCH: Scenes From Botched Drug Cleanup Pretoria Protests

  1. South Africa…citizens must be careful on taking laws into there own hands..if the whole African countries
    should team up against us we shall have nothing left for us.most of our countries income are coming from other countries and our brothers and sisters are also there..remember if foreign nationals leave shops we cant even make use of it because we do not learn trading,rather asking our Government to do everything for us as lazy people..It’s time we wake up and enforce our laws to operate in accordance….how can a taxi driver be chasing a drug dealer instead of contacting the police,its not his job,rather take a proper video to the police not taking laws into your own hands..WE HAVE A LAW..WE ARE NOT ILLITERATES ! EISH

  2. this is just an intention of robbing people from there owned belongings…initially it was attacking our police in Johannesburg CBD that erupted soweto looting, now is a taxi driver who was shot..being a point of destroying our beautiful city that will cost us a lot to rebuild…our capital territory!!!! we need to wake up because this is affecting our economy. RAMAPHOSA where is your influence as a president…God! help South Africa.

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