PICTURES: Zimbabwean And Rwandese Delegations To Japan Compared

Some observers have criticised the Zimbabwean delegation accompanying President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the ICAD conference in Japan for sitting without taking any notes. MDC secretary for elections, Jacob Mafume had this to say:

When one is selling a country you can’t keep notes. We are lucky that a picture was taken. Maybe MMatigari (ZANU PF apologist active on Twitter) the sanctions made them fail to buy pens or papers.

Meanwhile, a prominent journalist and political commentator, Hopewell Chin’ono has contrasted the Zimbabwean delegation with the Rwandese, which is being led by President Paul Kagame. Kagame is pictured fervently writing notes in his diary. Said Chin’ono:

It is important to have difficult and painful conversations as Africans in order to grow and also copy from our peers that are doing well on the continent.

This is President Paul Kagame of Rwanda at the ongoing 2019 Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Japan.



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3 comments on “PICTURES: Zimbabwean And Rwandese Delegations To Japan Compared

  1. if I had been shown a roomful of note taking delegations against sole vacant stares from the Zim delegation then this would be salty enough to swallow!

  2. I wonder what people see in Paul Kagame, this is a guy who’s fuelling wars and killing in central Africa, king opponents and journalists but he is still show as a good example. Pure prolaganda

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