NSSA Bosses In New Salary Scandal

Managers at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) are reported to have allocated themselves outrageous salaries and benefits.

Zim Morning Post has reported that senior management is expected to receive more than RTGS $20 000 in salaries and numerous benefits which will see some managers taking home more than RTGS $100 000.

This is exclusive of a school fees package for their children quoted using the St George’s College fee structures which is currently US$1365.

Sources to Zim Morning Post said:

What is shocking is that the board has since been notified of the salary and benefits adjustments. The board has to make sure Nssa is run appropriately but it does not play its oversight role.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the Ministry of Labor has not been informed of the salary and benefits adjustments and it would not be the first time.

The sad development takes place when pensioners are intermittently given money they say is not commensurate with their contributions.

Workers have also called upon the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to launch investigations into the matter.

Auditor General’s reports have revealed that government departments have been over the years been entrenching bad governance practices which as a result robbed the nation of scarce resources.

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