As Guarantors Of Peace We’ll Ensure Tranquil Environment Prevails: ARMY BOSS

Zimbabwe National Army commander Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo has said that the army will thrive to ensure the prevalence of peace and security in the country.

Chimonyo was speaking during a handover and takeover ceremony of command at Artillery Brigade in Domboshava on Monday. He said:

As security forces and guarantors of peace and security, we realise that the stability of the nation needs to be safeguarded from proponents of regime change who pride themselves in sowing seeds of disharmony and anger among our people.

We will not be deterred from our constitutional mandate of defending Zimbabwe from both local and external forces of negativity.

ZNA will ensure that a conducive and tranquil environment prevails so that Zimbabweans and visitors alike enjoy this beautiful country.

His remarks come at a time when the MDC which previously announced plans to remove President Mnangagwa from power before 2023 has been forbidden from having scheduled demonstrations.

Chimonyo’s remarks also come after the State violently dispersed protesters who had thronged to the streets of Harare on the 16th of August to protest against the state of affairs.

State security has often been accused of being partisan as it “favours” and “participates” in ZANU PF activities.

Army and police, as well as the central intelligence agents, have always been accused of being the real cause of despondency and chaos in the country as they can just descend and attack peaceful protesters.

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2 comments on “As Guarantors Of Peace We’ll Ensure Tranquil Environment Prevails: ARMY BOSS

  1. The role of the army is surely to protect citizens against external forces. The police are responsible for internal peace. Why is there this blurring of responsibilities?

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