Namibia Lecturer Likens Zim Economy To Biblical Lazarus Whose Resurrection Infuriates MDC

Namibia based economist, Dr Drian Kashkongo, has in an allegory likened the Zimbabwean economy to the Biblical Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead.

The lecturer at a university in Namibia also said that in the same manner beneficiaries to Lazarus’ death were angered by the resurrection of Martha and Mary’s brother, the opposition MDC is infuriated by “signs of economic stabilisation” in the country.

Speaking on the sidelines of a one-day symposium hosted by a Namibian bank, where he was presenting a paper on “Political profit from calamities”, Kashkongo said:

Imagine this: when the Biblical Lazarus died, his clothes were distributed amongst his surviving relatives. How did those beneficiaries feel when they heard that a man called Jesus had resurrected Lazarus? Obviously, they were not very pleased as some of them were already charming ladies with Lazarus’ wardrobe.

There are signs of economic stabilisation in Zimbabwe, and obviously this is not good news for the opposition there, which would prefer the economic status quo to remain so that they have something to blame the ruling Government.

Kashkongo castigated the MDC for inviting sanctions on Zimbabwe saying that they were not affecting political elites but the general populace.

The economist’s remarks come when the MDC recently scheduled demonstrations (which were however blocked by police) over the deteriorating state of affairs.

The opposition party attributes all ills bedevilling the country to the government’s mismanagement of State resources and president Mnangagwa’s illegitimacy following a disputed 2018 election.

More: The Sunday Mail


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3 comments on “Namibia Lecturer Likens Zim Economy To Biblical Lazarus Whose Resurrection Infuriates MDC

  1. Dr so called Drian , keep your comments secret & don’t mix bible with corruption, bias it’s a cocktail for disaster, you are spoiling your name for Zanu Pf , are you sure?

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