MDC’s Amos Chibaya Remanded In Custody To 26 August

Opposition MDC National Organising Secretary has been remanded in custody to the 26th of August.

Chibaya was arrested on the 22nd of August and charged with failing to ensure that the MDC demonstrations which the State had blocked would not be held.

The development was announced by the MDC on microblogging site Twitter. The party said:

Hon. @AmosChibaya was today remanded in custody to 26 August for a ruling on his bail application. Chibaya’s remand in custody is testimony of a brutal programme of persecution by prosecution after the regime denied him bail though he had handed himself over to @PoliceZimbabwe

The State blocked all of the party’s demonstrations arguing that it had gathered concrete evidence indicating that the demonstrations were going to be violent.

Meanwhile, the party has vowed to launch a series of nationwide demonstrations, this time reaching grassroots levels.

MDC is citing empty stomachs, empty wallets, empty shelves in medical institutions, power shortages, fuel shortages, soaring inflation, shrinking democratic space, partisan distribution of aid and several other issues as the major factors it is initiating the demonstrations.

The party says the government’s illegitimacy and mishandling of the country’s resources including the taxpayer’s money have resulted in the country’s sorry state of affairs.

On the other hand, the government attributes the country’s woes to a number of issues, chief among them, sanctions, corruption, climate change and sabotage by the business sector and the MDC.

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