“Peace-loving Does Not Mean Starving In Silence”, Brian Kagoro {Full Thread}

Many people abhor weakness or brokenness of any sort. We live in a world where to some, strength and force are mistakenly fused or seen as interchangeable. This makes leadership paranoid, inflexible, brittle and extremely weak. It lacks the strength of empathy.

If violence against the poor, weak, vulnerable, hungry or defenceless is done by your friends, condemn it! If the same is done by your enemies condemn it too. Violence is not just a lie, it is an evil expression of a total disregard of the rights of the poor.

I am yet to meet an evil act of State Elites that is not justified by some band of intellectuals, media, church and business people. Include in this holocaust, Rwandan genocide, Gukurahundi, recent massacres in Sudan, CAR, Mali, France, America and Zimbabwe.

When State-sponsored violence does not affect your mother, brother, sister, father, wife, cousin or friend it seems both remote and justified. You argue that the victims deserved it ‘what were they doing in the first place?’Grief has no permanent address!

Justice? Injustice? Kuruneri and Makamba were charged with invented crimes; Mai Mujuru was framed; ED border jumped to escape; Chombo in Chains; Kudzai Chipanga arrested; Kasukuwere charged for border jumping and Mupfumira for corruption? Zvibate, your day beckons.

When violence becomes our stock-in-trade and consistent mode of operation, we unwittingly turn society into a field of thugs and thuggery. We teach the young that the only way to be heard and respected is by using greater force than the next person. In this we err.

Do justice, Love mercy and be kind, especially to the poor, the needy and oppressed. Speak out on behalf of the voiceless ( or those whose voice has been muted by the terror of the powerful and wealthy). This is true religion!

Peace-loving does not mean starving in silence (and now darkness too, since there is no electricity). Mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko! It is the duty of citizens to point out when leadership no longer serves their rights, interests&legitimate expectations.

This new ‘Christianity’ that prefers, favours and prioritizes hob-knobbing with the rich & powerful ignores Proverbs 31:8-10 that says:
“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable….. defend the needy and the poor”.

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One Comment on ““Peace-loving Does Not Mean Starving In Silence”, Brian Kagoro {Full Thread}

  1. Brian Kagoro you are good at talking together with Chamisa murimakwara. Its better to keep quite Sudanese did not even plead or talk vakapedzerana nemasoja untill masoija abvuma

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