Govt Seriously Consider Introducing Electric Cars – Report

To curb the current fuel shortages the government has hinted that it’s looking into electric cars. This came to light when Energy Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi spoke to Sunday News:

When I spoke about electric cars (some time ago) I was the laughing stock. The idea behind an electric car is different from an iron whereby one irons their clothes while it’s connected to the socket. People are quick to say there is no electricity, how are we going to power the cars but we have to plan because electric cars are part and parcel of us dealing with energy issues and so use of solar. It’s very convenient that at every fuel service station we have solar powered charging points whereby one drives in and recharge

Now it’s the time to think about incentivising these developments, for instance through encouraging investment in electric cars. In some countries there is both traditional fuel and other forms of energy to power cars so we really need to begin to think about how we can encourage investment in electric cars. It will have its own challenge, no doubt like how long will it take to charge but those are extra issues, it’s like saying I can’t buy a car because there is no fuel

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This is another business opportunity that is arising from the challenge we have now. People need to organise themselves and when there is a private sector demand to provide a certain service, the private sector influences Government to develop policies around it and rules and regulations. We are already looking at those, our legal research people are really looking at it and we want to plan for it in advance

Minister Chasi said businesses should grab this opportunity with both arms as it may turn to be a solution to the current fuel crisis.

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