Mismanagement Of NSSA Funds Disadvantaged The Pensioners – Minister NZENZA

Labor minister, Dr Sekai Nzenza has said that the mismanagement of funds at the National Social Security Association has disadvantaged the intended beneficiaries, the pensioners. This comes after the NSSA forensic audit report disclosed massive corruption that prejudiced the association of millions of United States dollars. The scandal has seen former Labor minister, Priscah Mupfumira, arrested for several accounts of corruption and criminal abuse of office. Nzenza (SN) was speaking during an interview with The Herald Deputy News Editor Africa Moyo (AM). Below are excerpts from the interview.

AM: So where are you now regarding these processes?

SN: Where we are right now is to say the past has already happened, we now want to move forward. That’s what I am really focused on, in fixing what was broken before because we know what’s right. We want to build trust with the people for we have been entrusted with their money; people are paying their money, so we want to be able to deliver that to the people and I also want to ensure that when somebody comes to NSSA; when I started, people didn’t know me, so I would just join the queue and when you sit in there and start talking, you are a customer, you ask what one would have travelled for and they tell you ‘I am following up on my husband’s benefits’. Someone said it was their eighth year, moving up and down to process her late husband’s money. Eight years! I noticed there was something wrong in our customer service.

That’s where I found that the most important people are the beneficiaries and sometimes we tend to forget who we are trying to serve. It’s the beneficiaries, the people we have disadvantaged in not managing NSSA properly.

So what I want to do is to ensure that woman who has been coming to NSSA for eight years from Murewa should not come back to Harare. It’s a lot of work, but we now need to get the systems right. We don’t want her to come for eight. We want her to go to Murewa and have a proper ICT system and database where that woman, with her husband’s card, can go to Murewa office and key-in that card number with the details of her husband,  where he was working, when he died and what are her benefits?

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