Cherish The Peace That Our Country Enjoys Today – ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called upon Zimbabweans to cherish the peace which he said is prevalent in the country.

Addressing attendees at the Defence Forces Day at the National Sports Stadium, Mnangagwa said:

In conclusion, let me appeal to all Zimbabweans to cherish the peace that our country enjoys today. We should be vigilant and reject those amongst us who wish to perpetuate the suffering of the masses through violence, disunity, divisions and unrest.

It is everyone’s duty to secure the unity freedom and peace we continue to enjoy.

He speaks ahead of the opposition MDC’s demonstration planned for the 16th of August believed to be the beginning of a spate of demonstrations countrywide.

Government and ZANU PF officials have been dissuading members of the public from joining the protests saying that they were anti-productive.

Defence Minister, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and her deputy, Victor Matemadanda, even threatened to deploy soldiers to crush the demonstrations.

These remarks were however contradicted by Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusisio Moyo and Military boss Philip Valerio Sibanda who said that the army will never be used again for the purposes of dispacing demonstrating crowds for as long as demonstrations are peaceful.

The MDC is protesting against a number of ills including corruption, unemployment, power and fuel shortages, cash shortages, lack of “genuine political reforms”, and politicisation and abuse of food aid.

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2 comments on “Cherish The Peace That Our Country Enjoys Today – ED

  1. saying the army will not br involved as long as the demonstrations are peaceful meaning they wil get involved only when they become violent. there’s no contradiction there. violence is naturally expected from those who seek to topple a gvt. MDC hasn’t been known for any successful passive resistance always preferring confrontational violence in expressing grievance outside of and within itself

  2. MDC party shall stop driving so craszy the ZANU pf party is always a wining party meaning that the majority is rejoicing for what happening on the ground. The only way to achieve it is by wining the elections and conceive the majority by providing them basic needs than to carry on a violent move. Looks what had been happened for the past few days of MP’s election ZANU won the majority despite the economic condition on ground. Above all don’t violet the opportunity of a leading party because is all about the will of people.

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