We Are Going Nowhere, Fast – Eddie Cross

The veteran economist and political commentator Eddie Cross has lamented the current state of the nation saying, Zimbabwe is going nowhere fast. Eddie was speaking on the sideline of the budget that was presented by Mthuli Ncube on 1 August 2019. Here is a summarised text  of his latest article:

We, as Zimbabweans, want to live in a country that is free, democratic and responsive and where we are all respected for who we are and have security of person and property under the Law.

We have an elected Government that is divided among itself, has limited international acceptance and recognition. We have a corrupt administration that practices the worst kind of corruption – the consumptive kind.

The rule of law is weak and corrupted in many ways – contracts are not respected and enforced and basic rights over property have been violated and are being violated. The Court system is slow and basic rights are not being protected and crime is not being punished

Our economy is unstable, inefficient and uncompetitive and the bureaucracy is such that it takes months to get a decision on mundane things and the critical shortages of fuel and electrical energy as well as basic foods, is making life almost unliveable

Markets are dysfunctional and allow traders and speculators the opportunity to make super margins at the expense of the majority and then the system allows them to take their profits out of the country

veryone has to pay bribes to get anything from a Government Office – permits, passports even the settlement of fines. A permit to export a sample of a product to a customer outside the country requires 9 signatures

We create institutions to work for the country and its people – NSSA and Zinara, In the 25 years that NSSA has been operating, our workers have been forced to pay US$8 billion into its coffers. Only US$1,2 billion remain and the rest has been squandered in sweet heart deals and botched investment

… we need to get our Banks to put all foreign currency earning through a transparent and open interbank market so that we know what the real value of our currency is and get some stability

….we need a real market driven economy. Failed State Corporations that have outlived their purpose should be wound up and sold. The private sector should take over all aspects of the operation of our economy.

…we need a Government that will listen and respond and care about everyone who lives here. We need a national vision of where we are going and consensus on how to get there.

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