FULL THREAD: Budget Won’t Pass Unless Civil Servants Get What They Deserve – Mliswa

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa (Independent) has warned Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube that legislators will not pass the supplementary budget unless civil servants’ salaries are restored. Writing on Twitter, Mliswa said:

Mthuli Ncube, we need real production to have liquidity, not production on paper; especially in the mining sector.

All these deals that have been signed mean nothing now if the benefits will only be realised in 2025. It’s good for then but what about now?

There’s no way we’ll pass a budget without civil servants getting what they deserve. Salaries and allowances must be at interbank.

I hope ZANU PF stands firm and principled in the manner they debated; no whipping this time. If we approve without this, we’ve failed the people.

This is a condition that must be met and upon money deposited in accounts, we’ll pass the budget. Not the other way around. We can’t backtrack.

Why are we giving money to Ministries that are not in compliance according to the Auditor-General? No compliance; no money. Let the money go to ZACC.

There’s no need for a cushioning allowance if salaries are pegged correctly. A cushion only serves to disguise the hard seat below!

Whilst Mthuli Ncube inherited these challenges he has to fix them too.

Win the confidence of us, the Zimbabweans and then you can seek to win the hearts of the international community.
Your success will, unfortunately, be measured on how you deal with legacy issues.

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2 comments on “FULL THREAD: Budget Won’t Pass Unless Civil Servants Get What They Deserve – Mliswa

  1. Mr Mliswa, we all know we sre on high speed roller coaster. Increasing civil servants pay is a sure way to make their pkight worse. They will wakeup unable to buy what they were able to buy the day before. Civil servants pay rise is a huge and sure inflation driver in zimbabwe. On the other hand mthuli thinks he is being clever by holding salaries down and preaching open market economy, if he thinks that will bring prices down he has a rude awakening coming. Business is now happy to sell less at high prices against a background of low salaries and other expenses like zesa etc. It makes for less hussles to look for the unavailable forex to restock

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