“ZANU PF To Rule Until Donkeys Grow Horns”, Pupurai Togarepi

ZANU PF Youth League secretary, Pupurai Togarepi, has warned the opposition, MDC not to pick up fights which it cannot win with the ruling party.

Togarepi advised the MDC that ZANU PF will rule Zimbabwe until donkeys grow hones. He said:

The wise always say do not pick fights you can’t win and the clever ones stick to this time old piece of wisdom, it is free and has been proven by history to be a key ingredient to success and a happy life, but sadly and rather regrettably, our political opponents in the MDC are naive and fail to understand such basics.

Zanu-PF is the ruling party of Zimbabwe, and with a very weak and out-of-sorts opposition such as the MDC, we will rule this country until donkeys grow horns, they can only dream, but then dreams are for free.

We say Zanu-PF will rule for ages to come, not because we are undemocratic, but purely because we are the people’s preferred party as has been proven since the turn of this year where the party has won by-elections with little effort.

Togarepi’s remarks follow threats made by MDC vice-chairperson, Job Sikhala over the past weekend. Sikhala gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa a 14-day ultimatum to engage opposition leader Nelson Chamisa for dialogue.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF has won almost all by-elections held since the 2018 general elections.

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3 comments on ““ZANU PF To Rule Until Donkeys Grow Horns”, Pupurai Togarepi

  1. this scenario grossly lacks the constructive all-time diplomatic appreciation the progressive Zimbabweans and the expectant peace-loving world expects from the Zimbabwe political landscape. Quite an abrasive and totally confrontational rhetoric that sooner promotes enmity than mutual cooperation much needed at home and abroad for Zimbabwe and good of posterity.

  2. the savvy know its daft to burn bridges once you are on the other side of the river.wisdom is not common the very reason africa is grappling since time immemorial with leadership frailties.a few years back we had young guys who were praise worshiping the erstwhile senile president,moreover some even comparing him to jesus.now,where are the guys now.?in the next 5yrs?sunk into political oblivion.in life as long as you are human it is urged to be guided by the dictates that define humanity.unless,if you are brazenly blunt,then you will find yourself in a tumultuous situation like this parochial goon who sings for his immediate dinners sake,not taking the broader picture into perspective.in hindsight,even smith used to swore by his farm that rhodesia then was never going to be ruled by baboons ,and guess what? a son to one of his nonentities in his eyes,played an indelible role in dethroning him from the perch of leadership.that being said,all our eyes will be fixated at what was said,and we hope to see this donkey of its kind to grow horns once zanu pf is out of power.

  3. Mai vako ndivo vachamera nyanga musatanyoko hatidi kungwaudziwa you have failed the nation people are now suffering because of zanu thugs zvichapera chete God is in it

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