ZANU PF To Win Lupane East National Assembly Seat – Report

Reports indicate that the ruling ZANU PF party is set to retain the Lupane East National Assembly seat following a by-election held on Saturday.

With votes from 61 out 62 polling stations having been counted, unconfirmed reports suggest that ZANU PF has polled 6 038 while the opposition MDC has garnered 4 274 votes.

MDC treasurer, David Coltart has been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have voted for the opposition. Writing on Twitter, Coltart said:

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My take on Lupane East: enough victims of Gukurahundi were intimidated to vote for the architects and executors of Gukurahundi to deliver “victory” for the party which has destroyed their lives.

Quite frankly I am amazed at the number of brave people who voted for the MDC in a drought year knowing that that could condemn them and their children to starvation.

And to anticipate the trolls – if anyone seriously argues that this result is a reflection of the genuine sentiment of the people of Lupane East then they strangers to the truth and don’t understand the unique pressures facing rural voters.

One final point – the will of the people will never be respected until ZEC is independent. In this by-election, it just ignored the flagrant use of State recourses – medicines – to promote ZANU-PF. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.


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One Comment on “ZANU PF To Win Lupane East National Assembly Seat – Report

  1. It’s very sad that MDC has been using the same trick from inception , It has lots Cowdry park and say it has been rigged , the numbers of the pple who voted for it are becoz of economic turmoil not for the love of it. It lost Bikita , please Corltatered we are tired of yo toxic politicking, you are not adults but cry babies and that makes us vote for Zanu. Til Chamisa and many othaz in the opposition grows up , you will continue getting hammered by Zanu

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