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Following MDC’s loss in the Lupane by-election and other by-elections over the weekend, Twitter account @Zimlocal has posted a thread explaining why the party is losing and what it could do to change this.

Freeman Chari crowdsourced funds after Cyclone Idai & built the following *2 classroom block at Mandara *4 classroom blocks at Ndima *Roofed & repaired block at Rimbi *Toilets at Ngangu, Tafara & Mt Selinda *Tons of food & medical supplies *Over 100 pairs of shoes for students

Kuda Musasiwa crowdsourced funds & assisted over 10 students to go to university Funds were used to pay for student
* Registration fees
* Tuition
* Laptops & data
* Money for food & accommodation

If Zim opposition candidates want to win in rural areas their candidates should be like Freeman Chari & Kuda Musasiwa Instead of laughing at Zanu PF’s mud stoves offer credible alternatives that solve community problems today, not in the future Use own funds or crowdsource.

Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu won his seat with 13 300 vs 3 312 MDC Alliance The Zanu PF MP also built a mud oven on top of school blocks, groceries & ambulances e.t.c Everything being equal in 2023 he will win again & opposition will cry reforms, rigging e.t.c

Barbra Rwodzi builds school blocks, pays fees & helps her constituency to start income-generating projects She won the Chirumanzi MP seat in 2018 with 11 144 vs 6 969 for MDC. Everything being equal she will win 2023 election & opposition will cry reforms, rigging e.t.c

MDC is wasting time pushing for NTA *Push for reforms *Create structures in rural *Do good work were u govern *Crowdsource funds to do income-generating projects & infrastructure building in rural areas *Info system to manage party members, campaign, admin, fin & comm

If the MDC is to protest let it be for reforms such as *Diaspora vote *Implementation of devolution *Bringing dockets to ZACC & police of corrupt politicians *Release of Gukurahundi reports *Electoral & political reforms *Transparency & accountability in SOE & govt operations

Just imagine if the MDC tapped into the massive goodwill it has in the diaspora to crowdsource funds & human resources to fix things in the communities (fund accountability key)

Many thought the reason MDC brought in Fadzayi Mahere was to tap into her innovative campaign ideas i.e *Pre-election projects, community & stakeholder engagement *Campaign team/volunteers/supporters *Door2door + digitally document campaign + Data analytics *Thought leadership

This is EFF leader Julius Malema at the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria to lay a complaint against Pravin Gordhan Zim opposition should file dockets against the corrupt with ZAAC & police Take NSSA, Hwange & Auditor General reports to citizens in easy to digest formats

You need money to survive in politics. So invest in systems that make fundraising & financial management efficient. The MDC website should be part of an info system that links the membership db to subscriptions, fundraising, internal party mgt & communication

Zanu PF will not reform itself out of power but the MDC needs to reform itself into power! The environment is uneven that’s a given, deploy countermeasures. Rallies won’t win u seats. Community projects are ur salvation! U can start with Harvest House!

Alex Magaisa provides critical analysis & thought leadership on Zim politics. He explains complex topics in a way the masses can understand. Where is the policy critic, analysis & thought leadership by Zim opposition parties? Opposition must reform itself into power!

MDC’s Secretary General Chalton Hwende won the Kuwadzana East seat with 15 390 votes He conducts regularly feedback meetings in constituency & has built a borehole among other things. Come 2023 he will probably win his seat. MDC mp’s & candidates need to copy Hwende.

Chiwundura MP Livingstone Chimina (MDC Alliance) is building a police station in his constituency Chimina is also building a ECD block at Gumbure Primary School, hostels at Gunde High School & a mothers shelter at Masvori Clinic. Zim opp MP’s & councillors need to copy Chimina.

ANC’s Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul has been labelled the activist premier *Instead of buying cars for himself & the new executive he bought 63 ambulances for the province *MDC towns & cities should showcase to Zimbabwe what the party can do for the whole country.

Which MDC MP will refuse the expensive cars offered to them & instead opt for a less expensive honda fit or ford bantam?

Over the years thousands of opposition supporters have been arrested, abducted, killed & tortured by the Zanu PF led govt. The cause of Zim’s opposition is a just one, but many own goals, copying ruling party practices & untapped opportunities exist. Self-introspection key.

More: Zimlocal on twitter

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