$3M Lawsuit For Sikhala’s Abduction & Torture

MDC vice-chairperson, advocate Job Sikhala, has initiated a $3 million lawsuit against Home Affairs minister Cain Mathema, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga and Superintendent Daniel Joseph of Harare Law and Order section for allegedly abducting him from the Harare Central Police Station.

Sikhala was reportedly abducted and tortured when he was arrested for allegedly intending to subvert a constitutional government.

The charges were raised after he remarked at an MDC rally in Bikita that the party would overthrow president Mnangagwa before 2023. After spending some days in prison, Bikita Magistrate released him on bail.

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In a letter written by his lawyers, Sikhala contends that he was exposed to monstrous treatment by the police. His lawyers write:

Our client was tortured and experienced an aggravated and deliberate form of inhuman or degrading treatment. Severe pain, suffering both physically and mentally, was intentionally inflicted upon him. He was insulted and threatened, which diminished his human dignity and aroused feelings of fear, anguish or inferiority capable of breaking his morale.

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