Wife Of Ex-NSSA Board Chair, Robin Vela Swanks £1.3m UK Home

The wife of former National Social Security Agency (NSSA) board chairman Robin Vela, has splashed pictures of what she claimed to be her home in the United Kingdom. Gaudencia Vela posted photos of the £1,3m house of social media site, Facebook.

Robin Vela was dismissed from heading the NSSA board in 2018 following an audit which unearthed shocking corporate governance deficiencies.

Gaudencia posted the photos on 19 July on the Facebook group “Classy Zimbabwean Homes … (Kurongedza, Kushongedza Nekuchenesa Dzimba)”.

She reportedly deleted the post after the pictures were leaked to Twitter.

When Nehanda Radio contacted both Robin and Gaudencia Vela for comment, Robin reportedly claimed that someone had hacked her Facebook account.

Meanwhile, Auditor-General Mildred Chiri revealed how finances were handled at the institution with NSSA bosses in May 2016 awarding themselves hefty salaries without the consent of the Minister.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Sekai Nzenza are under pressure to release the 2018 forensic audit into the National Social Security Authority of Zimbabwe (NSSA).

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