Minister Calls MDC MPs Baboons And Monkeys – Report

The Minister of Lands and Agriculture, Perrance Shiri reportedly called opposition MD supporters baboons and monkeys in Parliament on Wednesday.

Shiri’s outburst came after Harare West MP, Joanna Mamombe (MDC Alliance) had asked him why the country continues to have food shortages if the government spent so much money on acquiring grain.

Mamombe was referring to the US$3 billion which Shiri said was spent by the government on buying grain from farmers such as wheat, soya etc, and some of the money being used to pay for Presidential Input Scheme, utilities such as electricity.

Commenting on Shiri’s remarks, former spokesperson of the Robert Mugabe-linked National Patriotic Front, Jealousy Mawarire wrote on Twitter:

Characters like Perence Shiri should never have been made ministers. They need proper rehabilitation from a sordid past before anyone puts them near public office. For the avoidance of sounding exactly like him, I will not ask who is closer to a monkey, the accuser or his targets?

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