It’s Ridiculous To Think That The People Who Brought ZESA To Its Knees Will Resuscitate It – Chasi Told

A letter to the Chronicle Editor has urged Energy Minister, advocate Fortune Chasi, to have new personnel at the local power utility, ZESA. The letter argues that the people who are responsible for the demise of ZESA cannot work miracles and resuscitate it. The letter comes at a time when the country has a huge power deficit which ZESA is attributing to low water levels at Kariba dam, ageing equipment at Hwange Thermal power station and reduced electricity imports from Hydro  Cahorra Bassa and ESKOM of Mozambique and South Africa, respectively. General Auditor’s report exposed massive corruption at ZESA and other state departments. See the letter below.

Minister Fortune Chasi, I know you are a new broom. There are underlying causes as to why Zesa finds its self in this quagmire. The causes are in-house corruption.

There was no corresponding, responsive staff rationalisation to offset the introduction of the Cash Power utility.

There is probably a duplication of duties and staff underemployment because of the desire to keep relatives employed.

Do not overlook the cancer of bribes to get re-connected. This is a crime that occurs in the field between residents and known Zesa employees.

Yes, they are known. Just increase the number of suggestions and whistle-blowers’ boxes close to the people. It won’t be prudent to craft new Regulations and Laws to have them implemented by people who have brought Zesa to its knees. That would be ridiculous. New Laws — clean record people, we can attain profitable levels.

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3 comments on “It’s Ridiculous To Think That The People Who Brought ZESA To Its Knees Will Resuscitate It – Chasi Told

  1. As usual nobody will be prosecuted even if they are caught. Same rhetoric of catch and release is gonna happen. Wonder why they’re clinging to power????? Its for protection against prosecution

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