We Will Release Soldiers Who Are Trained To Kill If You Demonstrate – Govt

The Zanu PF Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda has come out to say if the protests overpower the Zimbabwe Republic Police, they will rope in soldiers who happen to be trained to kill and not use minimum force like the ZRP.

He said the constitution that was written by Zimbabwe as a whole allows the government to send soldiers and soldiers are trained to kill.

Matemadanda was speaking at the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans And Collaborators members in Gweru yesterday when he gave his stern warning to those planning protests:

….The Police is trained to use minimun force, but i do not know the limit of minimun force. but if the police is overpowered panodaidzwa vana Mukoma.

Our constitution that we wrote together, allows us to send soldiers and they do not use minimum force they dont know it, they are trianed to kill, forwarned is forarmed, stay at home lest you be caught in the cross fire….

Matamadanda is the second public official in the last 2 days to issue a stern warning against demos. Cde Cain Mathema on Friday issued a similar warning saying the police are on high alert in case people start violent protests.


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19 comments on “We Will Release Soldiers Who Are Trained To Kill If You Demonstrate – Govt

  1. This doesn’t scare us. Our fore fathers were killed by your gukurahundi 5th brigade. I pity those who doesn’t know about it. It not knew to us

  2. Stupid zanu of….the masses want to embark on a peaceful demo and you keep talking about violence.Any violence will have been started by zanu

  3. clinching to power by violence zanupf.nxaa.so vana mukoma avo munotuma munozovapei.kkk kushungurudza varombo

  4. Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda, firstly you owe the President of Zimbabwe an apology for discrediting his look and peace campaign
    You owe Zimbabwe an apology for threatening them, its in their rights to air their veiws in whatever peaceful method they see fit.
    Lastly, Zanu PF should meet, all its provincial heads, and vote you out for disregarding and speaking out of term and for ruining their reputation with all your ranks stripped.

    Lastly, this is a peaceful country, please dont threaten us and accuse us without evidence or justification

  5. Stupid utterance, l don’t know why you are in the office and for you are not supposed to be a minister uneducated person

  6. Do to others what you want them to do to you. One day we will here that these people who are uttering these strong words are in hiding. Mark my words, nothing last forever.

  7. Stupid a failer matofo evanhu hatisi kuzodzoketa sure nedemo uchazviona zim is for us all go to hell nechizanu chenyu icho

  8. Peace lovers, say vakuru tangayi matsenga musati mamedza, saka mukavhurira imbwa dzenyu pavanhu vanovandivo vakakugadzai Moda kutonga ani ko mauraya? Chikurayi imwi achimbwido. Those soldiers are not your dogs they also belong to our beautiful country you idiot.

  9. Yes they are desperate they know their sins that’s why you talk of such violence. Zimbabweans, the one’s on the street are not violent. Zanu only know violence poetic justice will come trust me. God does not sleep and if you do not believe in God the devil what’s payback.

  10. You are such any idiot uneducated fool do you think soldiers are your dogs that you can just send to fight you have a good living you busted

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