9 Food Joints You Should Totally Visit In Harare

Ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya is a Shona idiom that means a relationship, therefore, needs to be spiced up with food for it to be a real or good one. In case you are planning a little relationship fulfilling excursion in Harare, you should try these 9 places, they may just make your relations real or good

9. KwaMereki

This place has been there ever since I don’t remember. KwaMereki, situated in Harare’s Warren Park Suburb is a popular joint depending on your preferences as an individual. At kwaMereki you buy your own meat and get the popular ladies ana Mai Joji (George) if she is still there, to braai it for you and serve it to you with a salad or vegetables sometimes cooked with peanut butter.

KwaMereki usually works if you have your own car because there is nowhere you can sit. However, KwaMereki is a nice hang if you are looking for a place to unwind and enjoy yourself in a relaxed carefree environment.

9. Paula’s Place 

If you are looking for a food adventure with your people you should definitely try Paula’s place. They make nice flame-grilled Portuguese chicken. You will think you are in Portugal for sure. Paula ‘s Place is located in Eastlea along Samora Machel. The place opens at 12, you need a good appetite and a healthy pocket to be able to enjoy the food at Paula’s place.

8. Cafe Nush 

If you are like me and you miss a good piece of cake, you should go to Cafe Nush today. This exquisite place at Avondale Shops oozes class and elegance you will like it for its outlook before you taste their delicious food. Their prices are reasonable and their confectionary is so good they even boast about it:

From hearty breakfasts and delicious salads to mouth watering cakes  and scrumptious pizzas you are sure to find a meal you like. Our internationally trained barista’s are on hand to brew up a stunning cappuccino or a super healthy smoothie for the more health conscious guests.

6. Ocean Basket

Growing up in a strict Christian setup, I had never eaten seafood until the day I went to Ocean basket and tasted Calamari and mussels and sushi. If I was going to have a favourite on this list I would have chosen Ocean Basket.

Ocean Basket has the most tantalising food I have ever tasted. The Sushi at Ocean basket is the best I have tasted so far(believe you me I went on a crazy sushi fest after OB). Located at Semi Levi’s Village. A healthy pocket and a huge appetite is all you need to visit this place.

5. St Elmos

A friend of mine always say you have not yet eaten Pizza if you haven’t had St Elmos’ wood fired Pizza. St Elmos have their own uniquely baked wood-fired Pizza that may just blow your mind.

All Pizza lovers must try this joint at Avondale shopping centre. Trust me you will never be disappointed. Like almost all the other places you need a huge appetite and an equally healthy wallet to enjoy these Pizzas. Once in a while never hurts anyone. To spice it all up, you can book a table in advance to avoid disappointments.

4. Organiks

Situated in Chisi (Chisipite) Organiks is poshy and they serve poshy delicious food. Their food is simply amazing and a conscious healthy eater can partake of this food and still maintain their diet because Organiks try to prepare their food from the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

If you want to visit Organiks please carry a good Camera or make sure someone in your group has a Huawei P30 (known to take the most mind-blowing photos) or something because you will not resist taking photos of the exquisitely presented food.

3. Garfunkel’s

This place is one of my favourite spots at the Village. I don’t know what it is about Garfunkels that makes their meals so great and the environment so warm and welcoming. The meat is just out of this world, the starters and the desert are just too good. I think GarFunkels make me feel like a 5-year-old girl that thinks they can’t do anything wrong.

If you want to take your people out, take them to Garfunkels you won’t be disappointed, who knows maybe you may even come out glowing with praises like me.

2. Great Wall

No im sure you have heard that heaven is when you have an American Home, A German Car, A Bristish Salary, Chinese Food and a Zimbabwean wife right? Let’s blur everything out and remain with Chinese food. This place right here is the definition of scrumptious Chinese Food. In fact, I have grown to love Chinese cuisines because of The Great Wall. I will give Great Wall the credit for inducting me into loving and appreciating Chinese food.

I won’t say much about Great Wall for today, just that its located in Belgravia close to Belgravia shops you can get a private room and use your hands to eat in peace without anyone even casting a single glance towards you except your people.

1. KumaHuswa

A place for the mavericks looking for great flame-roasted meat and some great entertainment. At this place, you will find both. The setup is more like Kwamereki but at Kumahuswa, you get to find benches to sit. My cousin always say nyama yakagochwa ndoozvo( flame grilled meat is the best).

For people like me who don’t really like some or most popular Braai areas, Kumahuswa impressed me. You can also visit KwaZiko and Junction 24 in Chitungwiza if you are a Braai fan. they both offer very different experiences and I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.

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2 comments on “9 Food Joints You Should Totally Visit In Harare

  1. I’m not sure about your taste buds for Portugal, however your comment for Paul’s place is somewhat delusional. Have you ever been to Portugal yourself? I am a proud Portuguese and I know.
    I for one would never eat at Paula’s place.
    O lugar de Paula é terrível!!!!!!!!!

  2. And judging by the list of restaurants compiled, you definitely need to up your game and sense of taste. Maybe you should hang with me and I will tech you a thing or 2…… Most likely 3 😂

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