WATCH: Mana Pools Or Hwange National Park Whats Your Pick For The Heroes Break

I was so conflicted about writing this article because I thought can people really afford to go on holiday during these hard times? Then it dawned on me, the economic meltdown is what we need a break from. A few days in the jungle, seeing nature, walking in a national park, drowning in those blissfull majestic views may actually refresh your mind in more ways than one. You may just go back home rejuvenated and charged to tackle the fog that is blanketing the whole country.

These 2 options may just be what you need. Why because they may give you a peaceful in harmony with nature experience that will calm you down and sanitise you from the ambient chaos in the country right now. You have more reasons to go on holiday than to stay at home during the heroes Break.

1. Mana Pools National Park

What will I do at Mana Pools you may ask, the answer is what will you not do at Mana Pools:

  1. A walking Safari (my favourite)
  2. Fishing ( a very interesting activity because you will be doing it in the mighty Zambezi River)
  3. Game Drives ( whats a jungle holiday without this activity)
  4. Watch lions in action at the watering pools ( i would visit mana pools for this only)
  5. Bird watching
  6. Canoe Trips Down the Zambezi River.

2. Hwange National Park

The biggest national park in the country has so much to offer. If you cant do a walking safari, you can indeed hunt and get to experience a glimpse of the life our ancestors lived. But will I really go all the way to Hwange to hunt animals? No, you can do all or any of the following:

  1. Full Day Safari Game drive
  2. Half day safari Game Drive
  3. Night Safari Game Drive
  4. Hwange Village experience
  5. Trip to Vic Falls
  6. Bird watching

If I had the chance I would do activities 1 to 3 back to back till I come back to Harare. Hwange is majestic but don’t take my word for it. WowZimbabwe shared this video about Hwange National park:

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Zambezi River

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